Challenges we help with

Whether you are working against the clock to resource an urgent temporary role, or looking for specific expertise to take on a strategic position, finding the right candidate to fill your vacancy can sometimes be a daunting task. Trying to understand what tools and services are out there, and managing the advertising and application process, can be a time-consuming exercise.

Our expertise enables us to address the recruitment challenges our clients face, and get them the results they need, quickly and smoothly. We believe that the key to getting the job filled in the most efficient and cost-effective manner is to apply a proven process and develop a robust working relationship.

Finding the time to recruit

The recruitment process can be hugely labour intensive; once you have found (and paid for) various advertising routes, combing through applications to select and reject candidates and then managing the logistics of scheduling interviews and providing feedback can easily become a full-time activity.

At Workshop Recruitment, we have carefully honed our process to prevent this drain on your in-house resources. We only shortlist people with the right qualifications and experience, and can also conduct all pre-interview screening or skills tests you may require. We also carry out post-interview feedback on your behalf, notifying unsuccessful interviewees and coordinating the offer and induction process of your successful hire to ensure they are in place as quickly as possible.

Having industry insight

Ensuring the role you are hiring for, and the person you hire, fits your strategic objectives is essential if your recruitment drive is going to be a success. But often, clients tell us they lack that overall picture of the wider industry, competitor activity and general market trends that are essential for effective recruitment.

Because Workshop Recruitment is organised into five specialist divisions, our consultants have an in-depth understanding of their specific industry. We manage the staffing requirements of companies across many different sectors, and keep a constant eye on wider issues including changing legislation, qualification regulations and developing trends that could impact the way your company needs to be staffed.

Finding best place to advertise

Very often, our clients tell us that they have already advertised their vacancy with disappointing results – either response rates have been low or the calibre of applicants below par.

At Workshop Recruitment, we employ a tailored advertising strategy for each vacancy that incorporates the best combination of media and technology, ensuring it is fully optimized to reach the most promising prospects.

But it’s not all about putting the advert out and waiting for a response; our vast database of talented individuals can be finely segmented, allowing us to take a very specific and targeted approach to identifying professionals who fit the job description. Once we have found an ideal prospect, we make direct contact, which is where our consultants come in to their own, applying their skill and professional prowess to pitch the opportunity in a way that encourages maximum engagement.

Managing the cost and disruption of recruitment

Whilst undertaking recruitment in-house can seem like a cost-effective approach, many companies we work with report that this can turn out to be a false economy. Posting job adverts in a piecemeal fashion, pulling staff away from their main duties to support the push, and the risk of having a long-term unfilled vacancy, quickly eats up money and valuable resource.

Our integrated approach means we deliver all the elements needed to ensure a contained, streamlined, and transparent recruitment process. The comprehensive advertising, screening and review methods we use reduce the likelihood, and subsequent cost, of a ‘bad hire’ by ensuring we get it right first time.

Contract and negotiation issues

Finding a great candidate and offering them the opportunity to join your team is the ultimate culmination to any recruitment project. But often, the relationship can turn sour before it has properly begun if a conflict arises between the candidate and employer over terms of contract or salary figures.

This can be a complex area to navigate and is a challenge we can fully support our clients in overcoming. Right from the beginning of the recruitment process, we make sure all parties are fully aware of each other’s expectations in terms of pay and salary (including overtime and commission/bonus schemes), qualification requirements, additional training requests, and working arrangements. We believe that transparency is essential, but we are adept at facilitating negotiations if requirements or specifications change prior to, or at the point of offer.

Find the right person for your job

If your next recruitment project is on the horizon, we are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements or get straight to the search