Ty UK Ltd and Ty Deutschland Gmbh and Workshop Recruitment: Finding the right fit of staff

Ty UK Ltd and Ty Deutschland Gmbh is an exclusive distributor of Ty, the number 1 plush brand in the world with the iconic red love heart tag. Ty UK Ltd did distribute solely to the UK and Ireland and expanded into Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands a couple of years ago. Ty UK Ltd and Ty Deutschland GmbH both operate entirely out of the Portsmouth office and are a family-owned company.

A unique company with unique challenges

A unique company with unique challenges

A company like Ty UK Ltd and Ty Deutschland Gmbh, has its own set of recruitment challenges, which Ellie Angell, Human Resources and Facilities Manager, explains.

‘Firstly, it’s a unique environment to place people into. We are a big business with a great turnover and because our people are phenomenal, we are able to be very efficient. This means we won’t settle for mediocrity; we need exceptional people who want to get involved in all areas of the business, not just their specialist area.’

The size of the team also has an impact on selecting candidates; the family atmosphere and excellent working dynamic heavily relies on personalities fitting together.

‘We aren’t placing people in different teams – we need to make sure everyone is able to get along and work together. The key things we look for are a team spirit and personalities that will fit our business.’

The newest recruitment challenge came when Ty UK Ltd expanded into additional territories.

‘When we expanded into Europe, it was done at such short notice. We had an urgent requirement to source people who could speak and write German and people who had experience with German employment law. Despite such short notice and lots of boxes to tick, Workshop Recruitment found us lots of the people in the German team and those employees are still with us.’

Workshop Recruitment’s solutions

Workshop Recruitment’s solutions

Workshop Recruitment prides itself on finding the best candidates that suit the role and fit with the company’s culture and team dynamic. There is an emphasis on forging meaningful relationships with clients that are based on honest communication and going the extra mile to really understanding businesses and teams.

‘Both Kerry and Pete are fantastic at finding people with the right experience and personality fit. They listen and take all my requirements on board; it’s such a skill to decipher what people actually want and put forward candidates who tick all the right boxes. Workshop Recruitment have always been really helpful – we’ve put roles out to other agencies but Workshop is the only one who has ever come through when it comes to placing people in the office and in recent years, we haven’t used another agency at all because they simply don’t deliver what Workshop can.’

Why is Workshop Recruitment different?

Why is Workshop Recruitment different?

As an independently owned, local business, Workshop Recruitment knows the importance of long-term relationships with clients that are built on honesty, and is able to offer what bigger agencies cannot.

‘What I’ve always liked about Workshop is the honesty. When we’ve been struggling to find specialist candidates, the team is honest and will tell me that they don’t have anyone at that moment but to let them find someone. When agencies give generic lines like ‘We’ve definitely got loads of people who fit that specification’, they usually don’t and it wastes time. Other agencies are interested in filling one role in front of them but aren’t interested in a longer-term relationship; they don’t want to invest the time to get it right. The proof is in the pudding and Workshop has worked so well for us – many other agencies just don’t come through.’

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