Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is an internationally based software business that provides turbo-charged lead generation that will identify sales leads you never knew you had.

Lead Forensics hit the market in 2010 with just a team of three people. After quickly signing up their first clients they realised their product was a marketing leading solution. With the increased customer base Lead Forensics needed to grow their head count tenfold to meet market demand.

With Workshop Recruitment having established themselves as an agency with a reputation for recruiting top sales and marketing professionals, Lead Forensics quickly sourced their expertise. Workshop Recruitment developed a close working relationship with Lead Forensics offering on-site support, interview facilities, writing job specifications and working with management teams to source and nurture the best talent on the market.

Having now worked with Lead Forensics for over 8 years and despite having their own in-house recruitment team, they still utilise the services of Workshop Recruitment. Workshop continue to resource the best sales, marketing and product development talent on the market to ensure Lead Forensics continues its rapid global growth.

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