DD-Scientific and Workshop Recruitment: Hiring specialist workers in ultra-quick time

DD-Scientific is a fast growing sensor manufacture with it's manufacturing site located in Fareham, on the south coast of England. It produces a potential life saving gas sensor every 7 seconds.

DD-Scientific were at risk of losing customers due to staffing issues

DD-Scientific were at risk of losing customers due to staffing issues

Business was booming for DD-Scientific and orders were coming in thick and fast, but there was a significant problem recalls Joanne Davies, Accounts Manager for DD-Scientific.

‘We were desperate. We simply couldn’t find the staff. Orders came in really quickly, and we needed the staff to fulfil them’

Joanne was obviously concerned, they didn’t want to let their customers down because they couldn’t find the specialist staff they needed to do the job. They had previously used the Job Centre but had terrible experiences with them and advertising locally came with its own set of problems.

They simply didn’t have the time to advertise the job, sift through hundreds of applications, then interview the candidates themselves.

A solution steeped in experience and customer service

A solution steeped in experience and customer service

After being recommended by Joanne’s Dad who runs a business in Havant, DD-Scientific soon hired Workshop Recruitment.

‘We knew we needed to find someone who could specialise in finding the people that we really needed’

And that is exactly what Workshop did.  Joanne was impressed with the speed in which people with the specific skills to do the work were found.

‘They were extremely quick. The staff were found and the right staff at that. The service really was excellent.  I mainly deal with Clare and her communication is superb. She emails every day to check that the staff are here’

Which takes the heat off Joanne and firmly into the safe hands of Workshop Recruitment.

Speedy discovery of quality staff = scaling business

Speedy discovery of quality staff = scaling business

DD-Scientific have seen a huge increase in the quality of staff that Workshop sends to them and are hugely grateful for the level of customer care they receive. 

‘If we need anyone, Clare is really on the ball when it comes to finding the right staff. I think because she comes in, she knows what we need and what we’re looking for. She really goes above and beyond to find the right people for us’

Joanne was delighted with the regular communication from Workshop. The frequent check-ins allow DD-Scientific to fire-fight problems before they become unmanageable. 

‘We’ve used other agencies and sometimes you don’t hear from them for days. But I hear from Clare either on the phone or via email nearly every single day’

Recommendation from within

Recommendation from within

Joanne is even recommending people who have shown interest in working for DD-Scientific to sign up with Workshop as she acknowledges.

‘Workshop make it so easy’

Staffing issues no longer prove an issue for DD-Scientific and they don’t need to worry about the potential knock-on effects for satisfying orders. They trust Workshop Recruitment and appreciate the service, honesty and integrity of its staff and Directors.

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