Apollo Fire Detectors

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in Havant, Hampshire they have been designing and manufacturing products that save people and property from the risk of fire for over 39 years.

Apollo Fire Detectors have a large production workforce based in Havant doing work which involves soldering, packing and electronic and mechanical assembly.

Temporary staff are an essential and important part of this workforce; as well as providing a flexible resource to Apollo Fire Detectors, they are the source for permanent operators.

Apollo Fire Detectors invest in training all their new staff so minimising the attrition of temporary staff is vital. Workshop Recruitment partnered with Apollo Fire Detectors to devise skill and aptitude tests which formulate an essential part of the interview process in order to ensure that the temporary staff selected for Apollo Fire Detectors had the best potential to succeed.

Being the sole provider of Apollo’s temporary workforce, members of staff from Workshop visit Apollo daily to liaise with key contacts and make sure that trainees are performing well, plus assist with any issues. This also provides a point of contact for the temporary staff where they can speak with someone from Workshop Recruitment face to face if they so wish.

As a result of these activities, attrition of temporary staff at Apollo Fire Detectors has been minimised, reducing training costs and providing a more stable temporary workforce.

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